Who is your favorite playermon?

Greetings to all Playermon Masters!

Today we have the incredible news of unveiling the secrets behind the design team.

All the hard work and tireless hours of making endless corrections so that you have the cutest, the most eye-catching and the most powerful playermons that can exist!

Are you all ready to meet our last playermon companion? Stay tuned to our social channels to unfold the mysterie behind the last shadow silhouette!


During these last days we were revealing the exclusive designs of the playermon that we are going to leave you below with luxurious details of each one of them!

Constellation is a happy-go lucky playermon, and it loves travelling from planet to planet to discover new stars, watch their alignments, and draw connections between them! Constellation has a unique pattern on its head and a floating matter that covers the face which makes Constellation looks like a space astronaut! This adventure-loving is ever curious and seeks to learn new things. Constellation loves discovery, and along with discovery, the use of his knowledge in action.
Petunia is an advocate of growth and is devoted to nurturing an environment that fosters life.This Playermon intends to visit various planets in order to shape their landscape and create a thriving ecosystem for each of them, and wherever this Playermon sets foot. For this mission, she would even willingly enter battle!
Wharfe is the Playermon that embodies the sustenance of life. However, the water that gives life, can also take it away. Much like its affinity, Wharfe is not easy to sway and is not easy to avoid. Wharfe may look timid but it possesses the ability to manage the flow of the waves — and of the battle as well.
Nautilus is a Playermon resides in the depths of Planet’s Ocean along with Wharfe and other aqua creatures. You can easily spot Nautilus with it’s unique physical features such as his Crab looking cheliped and legs. Nautilus enjoys it’s bond with other planetarium sea creatures and has developed its own affinity among with these organism.
Razortooth is an Aqua Playermon just like Wharfe and Nautilus who believes that there is strength in Victory and also in Defeat. Despite of his Cute looks, he loves to fight and get into battle. Whatever circumtances he may face, Victory will never be endangered as he knew his true self.
Meet Gaia! The very first Playermon to have been spotted. This Playermon revealed itself first among others. It is very fond of Planets that are rich in fauna. They are rugged and often quiet. Life and its preservation are a mission close to its heart.
Dynamite has explored many dangerous battlefield in the space yet he is still searching for more — his fire never gets out of the way! Contrary on his looks, Dynamite is one of the friendliest Mons into the moon. A Playermon who is truly outstanding on whatever it does!
The Kraken is one the has developed a notorious reputation. Stories say they spot the Kraken in seas, scaring the life of those who pass by its teritory. But contraty to the rumors, the misunderstood Kraken is a shy Playermon that avoids exposures from other beings. Kraken loves to collect beautiful corrals and seashell, that’s the only thing he can’t resist of hiding. Kraken is one of the Kindest but would not hesitate to battle when is needed.
Cosmos is a Playermon born from the Stars. He’s also known for being patient and knows how to wait for the perfect opportunity. The potential that Cosmos holds is unimaginable, but the incredible power needs masterful handling. Truly one of the Amazing Mons who can control his power.
Wick is a bit more mellow than his compatriots. Wick loves the quiet scenery of Space and spends a lot of time watching, looking and thinking deeply. Wick knows the importance of efficiently using resources, holding back for a moment, or blazing right from the start. His fire is controlled, patient, and burns at the right moment!
Igneous has adapted to the most dangerous enviroments, thank to its affinity. This playermon has a heart of fire, and when dedicated to do something, it simply doesn’t stop and continues to charge at its goal. Those who can handle Igneous will surely forge a fiery path to greater heights!

We want your feedback, your opinions, we want to know who is the best looking playermon and how you would like to form your team!
We are very excited about this great news, in a few hours the latest design will be revealed and we will conclude the saga of revelations.

To Space and beyond!

Get ready, Playermon Masters!

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