Dear Playermon Community, we are nearing the most egg-citing times!
We know you’re excited about how to participate, so without further ado,

Here are the details!

Who is eligible to buy?

  1. The top 500 from our Leaderboard
  2. The remaining 7,500 will now be on a first-come, first-served basis!
  3. Only one egg can be purchased per day, for three days.

Note: Everybody can buy the Eggs on an FCFS basis, just have to have a balance of 2000 PYM and above. (see Holding Requirements below)

Holding Requirements

We will be implementing the Daily minimum balance,

You need to hold an average of 2,000 PYM tokens daily, apart from what you will use to buy eggs, in order to qualify for the sale.
This means that in order to purchase on the first day, the participants must always have at least 2,300 PYM tokens on the day of Purchase so that their daily balance will not go below 2,000 and they can still purchase the next day.

This means that ideally, one must hold 2,900PYM tokens from the start to be able to buy for the whole 3-day sale period without worrying about their balance or repurchasing.

To put in in a table:

In this scenario, the participant will not drop below the balance of 2,000 PYM tokens and is therefore eligible for the purchase.

How and When to buy

Participants must meet the “Holding Requirements” (above) in order to qualify. Before the event, the details will be updated and you can participate through our official website only.

Time: 3am UTC (Day 1), 8am UTC (Day 2) , 1pm UTC (Day 3).
Date:December 3, 4,and 5
Daily Eggs Available: 7,000 daily total.

What to look forward to:

Once the NFT marketplace place goes live, people can start hatching their Playermons, and this will be done before the game launch!

Are you excited? We are too! See you at the Egg-citing Egg sale!

So get ready, Playermon Masters!!

Our links:

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Telegram Announcement Channel | Telegram Official Group

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CCO,Co Founder of Playermon

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CCO,Co Founder of Playermon

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