Are you ready for Playermon Beta Version 1.0.1?

We have great news for everyone! Our team have been working extremely hard to improve our game and to deliver the best experience, we want our community to have!

After a lot of planning, building, fixing, and fine-tuning, we…

Dear Playermon Community, we are nearing the most egg-citing times!
We know you’re excited about how to participate, so without further ado,

Here are the details!

Who is eligible to buy?

  1. The top 500 from our Leaderboard
  2. The remaining 7,500 will now be on a first-come, first-served basis!
  3. Only one…

Due to public insistence, we add this supplemental instruction for everyone.

Here is our original Medium link regarding the Egg Sale:

Here is our video tutorial regarding the sale:

Supplementary guide:

How to Buy in the Egg Sale

  1. Go to Playermon Website

2. At the top-right side of the window, Click Login


The past weeks have been exciting with lots of activities including numerous AMAs in Telegram and YouTube.

We have always been transparent from the start of our launch. Tokens wouldn’t be released prior to the holding of our Token Generation Event (TGE).

Not only…

Are you ready!?

This is, by far, the largest event we will hold!

Check out the exciting details:

Total Airdrop Amount: 500 NFTs

Number of Winners: 500 Winners!

Drop Quality: 100 EPIC and 400 RARE !!!

Duration: November 14, 2021 — November 17, 2021

How to Participate?

Just complete the following tasks:

1. Join Playermon’s Official Global Telegram channel.

2. Follow Playermon’s official Twitter page.



Founder of Playermon, CG Artist ,crypto investor

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